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Every divorce includes property division. How the marital estate is divided depends on what is out there, when it was acquired, and what you want to prioritize. This can get increasingly complicated depending on the diversity of assets and liabilities. I will advise you on your rights and guide you towards the best possible outcome for a fair and meaningful property division.

It is important to carefully tailor a strategy here because frequently there are many options for finding the best resolution. Do you have an interest in prioritizing short-term or long-term assets? Can you handle encumbered assets? Are liquid assets or investments better for you? Is my retirement plan protected? What can we do about the house? I can help you answer these questions and work to make sure you are set up financially both now and in the future.

Aside from the division of the estate, it is also important to understand that there are relevant, sometimes required, legal documents. Common examples include required documentation to transfer titled property, such as a home or motor vehicle, or a separate order for dividing retirement accounts to avoid negative tax implications. Failure to understand and timely execute the required documentation can lead to, at best, increased cost or tax penalties, or, at worst, particular provisions of a property division being unenforceable. Don’t put your financial future at risk, give me a call today.